It acts as a bridge that connects you to another currency system, with no hassle when making a transaction involving currency exchange. With such a card in hand, you can withdraw to ATMs inside or outside the country. You can also make withdrawals and deposits at banks outside the country. No doubt these are great advantages and we could stop here, but there are other advantages that should also be taken into account for you to purchase this card.


What is the difference of a national and international credit card?

What is the difference of a national and international credit card?

Basically, both modalities have the same characteristics, with the main difference that, obviously, the international card offers the possibility to make operations linked to other countries. But in either case, you can enjoy what credit offers such as withdrawals, loans, deposits, the ability to shop at online stores, etc.


Who can have an international card?

international card?

International credit cards generally require the same requirements as ordinary national cards. You must be at least 18 years old and match the bank’s income requirements, which will release a limit according to the credit analysis made at the time of registration. At this point, it is worth talking to your bank manager to understand how card activation works for international use.


Be sure to use it

credit card

Before purchasing the card, it is important to be aware that it needs to be international. That is, I accept not only in Brazil, but also abroad. Know 5 tips before applying for your international card.

If you already have a card, make sure it has the word “international” on the back. If you only have valid only in Brazil, it means that the card is not valid in other countries.


How do I know if I need an international card?

How do I know if I need an international card?

With international card, it is possible to have good discounts when buying in foreign stores.

First of all, be aware that despite the benefits, an international card usually has higher rates (annuity and service package, for example). This is why it is important to know when to have an international credit card.

Check below for situations where the international card is commonly used.

  • Withdrawals from branches in other countries: Essential for those who plan to travel outside Brazil, the card will be used to withdraw money from international ATMs or bank branches in the city you are in;
  • Shopping on international websites: app stores for smartphones, clothing, electronics. To shop online at foreign sites you will need an international card. PayPal purchase and transfer transactions also require this type of card;
  • Payments outside Brazil: You don’t have to worry about the currency because the card converts from dollar to real automatically.

In short, the international card is only recommended if you usually travel abroad or if you shop at foreign online stores.


What are the disadvantages of having an international credit card?

What are the disadvantages of having an international credit card?

There are some disadvantages such as the annuity value which is generally more expensive than national cards and the IOF – Financial Transaction Tax – up to 7% of the amount spent. This is charged to international cards, but note that not all international cards charge these fees and there are a range of companies and banks that do not charge annuity and operating fees.

Important: Tell the bank about your trip

It’s important to remember to warn the bank about your trip so that your overseas purchases are not misinterpreted and the bank thinks your card has been cloned.

You can usually notify the bank by phone or internet banking.


Debit card abroad

Debit card abroad

The debit function has the same credit rates, but the advantage is that spending control is much better on debt, as you know exactly how much you are paying on each purchase.

In addition, you can “charge” your debit card with the amount you intend to spend, making it even easier to keep track of finances.

Disadvantages of Foreign Debt

The debit card does not have the option of concentrating spending on a single day of the month, has no reward programs and has the same credit function rates (approximately 6.38% IOF).


Prepaid Cards Abroad

Prepaid Cards Abroad

One option perhaps not so remembered is that in addition to carrying cash or debit or credit cards, you can choose to use a prepaid card.

Advantages of Prepaid Card Abroad

Getting a prepaid card involves less paperwork than a credit or debit card. Even so, you can still make withdrawals, make transfers and deposits, for example, without proof of income.

This modality is a good alternative for those who like to plan ahead. You can load the card with the amount you want to spend and use it, knowing that once you reach the spending limit, you will have no more balance available.

Disadvantages of overseas prepaid card

The disadvantages of prepaid card are similar to those of debit card. There is also an IOF tax (6.38%) and it is not possible to participate in benefit programs.

In addition, you will have to pay the fees for each service performed with the card in international territory (withdrawals, deposits and transfers).

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