Broker’s advice to outsource its borrower insurance


In order to be certain of getting a cheap home loan, it is essential to realize savings by outsourcing its credit insurance . Indeed, by choosing an insurance other than that offered by the bank, you can save several thousand euros on the total cost of your mortgage.

How to find a loan insurance other than that of the lending bank?


Previously, borrowers had no choice but to accept the lender’s insurance contract, but now, thanks to the Lagarde law, they can freely subscribe to the insurer of their choice. Such an opportunity can save you up to 25,000 euros on your insurance contributions! It is therefore recommended that you do not let your banker do it: be firm and impose your rights.

Outsourced credit insurance solution

credit insurance

If he refuses your request for insurance delegation, try your transaction at another bank. The amount of the insurance companies’ contributions is lower than that of the banks’ contributions because it is based on the remaining capital of the, while the amount of the banks’ contributions remains fixed.

Credit insurance out of bank cheaper

To simplify and speed up your search for the best insurance offer, do not hesitate to contact a broker specializing in loan insurance. The broker will save you time, will inform you about the insurance offers that are most advantageous and will save you money!